Prepare for a Different Future

Preparing the very different future

Innovation is at the foundation of the UniCredit/IBM partnership. The Value Creation Center (VCC) is the V-TServices body having the mission to create a new innovation working environment between UniCredit and IBM.

It builds on existing relationships and engages global leaders and experts to deliver sustainable innovation in the domains of Infrastructure, Application and Business  along with three time horizons.

A structured process between Innovation and Delivery has been set up to guarantee close alignment and consistency  with the Transformation program and daily Operations. Our joint Innovation teams have been working on projects that are consistent with emerging technology developments such as

  • Cloud
  • Mobile
  • Big Data
  • Cognitive computing
  • and DevOps.

An Agile Development Centre  will be established, based on Bluemix, to rapidly provision and decommission resources  as a "sandbox environment" primarily aimed at hosting innovation and research initiatives.

Four areas of interest have been selected to exploit the huge potential of Big Data applied to

  • Marketing
  • Security
  • Risk
  • and Cognitive computing.

The Agile Development Centre will further allow to test a new paradigm for application development  to better cope with the increased speed of business requirements, the "app revolution" and the rapidity of the evolution of the Banking sector. 

Systems of Insight

The highest value is gained when we bring Systems of Engagement and Systems of Record Data together to deliver insight.

This must be done on a Cloud environment, be secure and get into the flow of data that feeds the systems of insight. It will be driven by cognitive systems someday, but for now, these systems will train and inform the cognitive engines of the future.

We have identified the mega trend on confluence of Social, Mobile, and Cloud, and discussed what this trend meant to us and our Clients in the industry.

Systems of Engagement have already driven enormous transformations, which enable people to interact more dynamically, more rapidly, fluidly than ever before. With direct interaction between enterprise and their customers, or among people within an organization or across organizations, industry players and organizational functions are in flux.

Vast amounts of data, potentially very valuable data are being generated, captured, and just beginning to be tapped for insights.

On the other end of the spectrum are the Systems of Record,  more structured static transactions and the traditional data that feeds business enterprises today.

Value can clearly be obtained from both systems, but it is becoming clear that the highest value is derived from the Systems of Engagement and Systems of Record data, brought together to generate the insights that can only be found when done at the scale of Cloud.

Only in this way we will deeply understand any process or system at the core of an enterprise.

We call these Systems of Insight  which are transforming multiple industries including Banking.

To build Systems of Insight, we need:

  • Data: in fact to drive higher margins, we need to place ourselves directly into the flow of data.
  • Cloud: remember all the Systems of Engagement data are born on the Cloud, and if we want to have all these data in the Cloud, we clearly need to deliver the same level of security that we traditionally provide in the Systems of Record world.
  • Watson and Cognitive System: to be the engines that drive the Systems of Insight.


Big Data Enterprise Architectural Framework

Enterprises need to define a consistent and comprehensive Big Data Enterprise Architectural Framework  to accelerate the adoption and to look at managing the new paradigm as a logical extension of the existing data assets.

V-TServices commitment is to continuously evolve the current infrastructure to be ready to host the new paradigms while ensuring scalability, security and accessibility.

In one sentence: getting ready for a very different future.

V-TServices launched several Proof of Concepts environments:

  • in the area of Client Centricity with IBM Watson Explorer technology  aggregating dispersed information of UniCredit client with a new 360 degree view for call Center operators
  • to demonstrate the values of IBM Big Data platform, visiting the IBM Research in Zurich and then with the deployment of IBM platform (BigInsight)  into a Proof of Concepts environment.