People Matter

People Matter

V-TServices is a professional services firm combining deep technical/industry skills, processes and methodologies, as well as high quality technology assets.

Our 1000+ professionals are the core asset of the Company; year 1 has been dedicated to set the foundation for creating a successful entity, able to play a leading role in the Market from a Captive IT Department, by combining the culture of the original Companies into something unique.

Commitment to Excellence is the driving concept inspiring our actions and plans, hence competencies and skills are at the core of V-TServices . We have built a structured professional career framework  that identifies technical professions, relevant to the scope of the Company, and provides end-to-end career development paths for each of them.

As of today 80%+ of our professionals have already applied to the Resource Manager Portal and we plan to get to 100% in the coming weeks.

This is the starting point for designing individual development plans  supported by Professional Leaders, identified on the base of their Seniority and their recognized value in the Profession.

Boards are already in place to lead the Professional certification process.

Professions in V-TServices

  • IT Architects define IT solutions to client business challenges via architectures, systems, applications and process components.
  • Service Mgmt–DPE ensures client satisfaction through formulation, development, implementation and delivery of application, technical and business solutions, responding to client requirements as specified in the contract or Statement of Work (SOW).
  • IT Specialists support solution construction working in a team with IT Architects.
  • Project Managers initiate, plan, execute, control, and close projects or programs.
  • Technical Services involved in the management of live systems performing systems-level configuration to define, maintain, and install network applications or systems and workstation services.
  • Services Solutions Management is responsible for the development of outsourcing solutions directly to customers.

Technical Vitality Talks

V-TServices started the "Technical Vitality Talks"  program on a wide variety of Architect and IT Architect Profession Board Leader technical topics, aimed at supporting the development and evolution of the competences of our employees.

Tom Wheatley, our Chief Architect is the chair of the program.

V-TServices will continue to invest in Innovation and Vitality by making 20+ new hires into the business. We launched a graduate Hiring Program  in Italy and Germany to select from the best technical universities and we start the on-boarded per October 1st 2014.

Creating a Company Culture

Creating a Company Culture and Identity is one of our priorities. A structured change management process , which involves the entire Management Team, is in place to align the organization along with mission, strategic priorities and company values.

The following topics have been identified as key drivers for change: Market Growth, Client First, Innovation in Delivery and the creation of a Professional Service Culture.

Objectives, action plans and owners have been defined for each topic and today we are executing against the plans.

In April 2014, we moved our Operational HQ from Lampugnano to Segrate, which is a major step in the consolidation of V-TServices as a Company and a significant change for our people previously located in Lampugnano.

In the spirit of improving the work-life balance, while continuing to deliver superior service to our Client/s, we introduced a flex work scheme pilot in Italy that allows flexible home working arrangements.