Become Market Leader

Become Market Leader

V-TServices addresses a systemic issue of the Banking industry, by offering higher levels of efficiency, combined with innovative solutions which enable competitive advantages for our Clients.

After 1 year of operations, V-TServices is recognized in the Industry  as a new reality which has no equal in the market in terms of expertise and business model - as demonstrated by the reaction of other Banks and influencers looking for better understanding of the business model and the potential impact.

Our multi-local approach is based on an operative structure organized by competence centers, delivering services in each country, relying on standardization and scalability guaranteed by an international organization model.

Thanks to its expertise, know-how focused on the Banking sector, V-TServices value proposition provides a 360° service to its Clients in the areas of:

  • Mainframe
  • Open Systems
  • Storage, Networking
  • Cross Functional Services.

Moreover, V-TServices Value Creation Center  (VCC) monitors the trends of the IT and Banking sector and identifies, whenever it is needed, the development of breakthrough technologies, which are rapidly applied on the infrastructure of the served customers . In light of this capability, the transformation represents a fundamental value of the Company and a leading element in the excellence path related to the sector in which it operates.

These are the differentiating elements in the V-TServices value proposition:

  • deep understanding of the Banking business model and logic, including regulatory requirements, and strong banking skills; this will drive, while delivering significant savings, an increase in operational efficiency and a reduction of operational risk
  • top class skills assets  to deliver high quality services
  • intellectual assets  to effectively assess and improve compliancy against Banking mandatory requirements
  • an HR environment aligned with the Banking industry  employment contracts, easing the takeover of resources when required
  • the international scope  of V-TServices which enables scenarios outside the Italian context.

In the first 12 months, with this approach, we have built a significant pipeline of opportunities within the Italian market.

Part of the V-TServices mission is to "become Market Leader in the Banking sector delivering Value and Industry Leadership to its Customers."