Who We Are

Value Transformation Services

Headquartered in Italy, V-TServices is aimed at managing and transforming the full Information Technology infrastructure underpinning the Commercial Banking Operations in European major countries.

V-TServices is an IBM-UniCredit joint venture whose structure mirrors the UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions organization across Europe with three branches (Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia) and one legal entity in Austria.

A vast pool of skills and knowledge coming from 1000+ employees selected both from UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions and IBM, combined with the deployment of fine-tuned IBM tools, processes and methodologies, as well as with high quality networks and datacenters inherited from UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions, put V-TServices in a very favorable position to provide services excellence to the UniCredit group and to the Market on a state of the art infrastructure.

In addition to that, V-TServices embeds a Value Creation Center aiming at harnessing leading edge innovation, monitoring trends in the banking and IT industries and identifying emerging disruptive technologies to be rapidly introduced in production.